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James Galloway started Waterworks Ltd in 2018 to provide plumbing services to Surrey. Having worked in the industry for years, James spent much of his time fixing problems that other “registered” plumbers had tried to repair. What he saw made him realise that things needed to change.

James heard the same complaints over and over again:

That’s why Waterworks in Surrey was started – to provide customers with a reliable alternative for their plumbing and heating needs. He soon distanced himself from the competition by providing:

His philosophy became a winning formula that grew the company fast. No longer a one-man show, James now employs some of the best plumbers in Surrey.


Our team of registered plumbing and heating specialists are available to assist you with:

General Plumbing Emergencies and plumbing solutions in Surrey

Safe gas installation, services and boiler repairs

Kitchen & Bathroom Design & Installation

New bathroom and wet room installations

Gas and electrical water heaters

power flushing

gas boilers, cookers and gas safety certificates

Call us at Waterworks Ltd today for the best plumbing contractors in Surrey. If you don’t need a plumbing company right now, please bookmark this page. It will save you having to type in, “bathroom repair services near me in Surrey later.

If you’d like more information about the quality of our work, please have a look at our reviews.

Our extensive industry experience puts us in a unique position. We’re able to offer our Surrey as well as our London clients a range of choices. Unlike most companies, we offer several types of heating systems.

Most Surrey companies offer their customers a choice of central heating or underfloor heating. But these companies usually offer only one option because they don’t have the specialist knowledge to provide all.

At Waterworks Ltd, we prefer to give our clients the best option for their needs. We have the knowledge to install as well as maintain and repair a variety of heating systems in houses old and new.

When you contact us, we will consider your budget, home, needs, and lifestyle. We will zero in on the services that are the most cost-effective for you in the long-run.

General Plumbing Installations & Repairs In Surrey

Please call us at Waterworks Ltd if you require general plumbing or installation services. We offer a full range of plumbing and heating repairs, as well as new installs. Our company fully guarantees all of the work and plumbing we complete.

Our talented team includes registered, experienced plumbers and we do not use any plumbing subcontractors. This versatility allows us to provide services beyond standard plumbing. 

All of our Surrey repairs carry our 24-month warranty. If you experience the same plumbing problem again during that timeframe, please call us. We’ll fix it for you.

Water Heaters in Surrey

Old water heaters rank among the top energy wasters in Britain today. At Waterworks Ltd, we offer a full range of energy-efficient, space-saving choices. Call us for your free estimate on your new heater, and we’ll advise you on the best models.

We offer our Surrey customers a free, in-home estimation service. Our trained team will visit your property, walk you through the best models for your needs, and look at the best plumbing solutions for your specific issues.

Call Out Rates

Please note, there is a minimum 1 hour call out charged, reduced to 50% after the first hour then charged per half hour.

In Hours

£ 65
Per Hour*

Out of Hours

£ 97
50 Per Hour*

*All prices are subject to VAT. VAT charges may vary depending on the job to be undertaken. The exact VAT applicable to your work will be confirmed on our written quotation.

Central And Underfloor Heating Services

Have you been searching for an “Underfloor heating engineer near me?” You’ve found one of the best in Surrey. With extensive experience in the industry, we’ll ensure that you find both central and underfloor heating solutions that fit your needs and pocket.

What's The Difference?

Underfloor Heating

Modern underfloor heating is more energy-efficient. It heats up faster and more evenly because it creates one large heat panel. It also heats the rooms one zone at a time, rather than heating the entire home.

You’ll use less energy overall. The downside is that you must also account for heat loss. As with any heater, the farther you are from the source, the colder it feels. Here you feel the differential vertically rather than horizontally.

You get two types of systems to heat your home: wet and dry. Wet systems are similar to radiators. Steam or water moves along a specialised plumbing network to warm the area. The boiler may work with gas or electricity.

Dry systems use electricity as a radiant heat source. There’s no need for more plumbing, so this option suits small spaces well. You don’t have to do much maintenance, but finding faults is more challenging.

With a radiator, you might fix a fault by banging on a pipe. Underfloor heating is completely enclosed, so you must call a registered company for assistance. At Waterworks Ltd, we offer this service.

Plumbing underfloor heating Surrey
Plumber in Surrey

Central Heating

Central heating works using a network of radiators. You control the systems from one point, and they heat the home fully. It’s useful, but the radiators and plumbing take up space you might be able to put to better use. It also heats your entire home, which might be expensive if your home is large but you spend most of your time in just a few rooms.

The system requires more maintenance because of the radiators. It’s a water-powered system, so you also have to account for plumbing.

Are You Looking For the Best Service For Your Home?

Please give us a call at Waterworks Ltd to speak to us about your choices. First, our engineers will perform a heat transfer calculation to see which heating system option may be more practical for you. Then we’ll look at whether you have space for more plumbing. Finally, we will consider your energy costs for both gas and electricity.

After our visit, we’ll make recommendations and leave the choices up to you.

Emergency Plumber Services In Surrey

Are your plumbing and heating systems playing up? Has your boiler given up the ghost and flooded the floor?  When you have a plumbing emergency, you don’t have time to find the right answer online. You need the problem sorted out as soon as possible.

Please call us at Waterworks Ltd when you need fast and efficient repairs. We’ll send out our nearest plumber to effect repairs quickly.

Our plumbing specialist evaluates the situation and recommends the best course of action. Where possible, we’ll fix the problem on the spot.  

An immediate fix isn’t always possible. Standard plumbing, heating, and boiler parts are easy to get. Others we have to special order. Our emergency plumber will tell you if this is the case.

If this is the case, we’ll work out a temporary fix to prevent further damage. We’ll then order the part you need for a fast delivery to get your heating and plumbing back on track.

 If you need emergency plumbing and heating services in Surrey, call us at Waterworks Ltd.  We’ll find the most cost-effective way to get your plumbing and heating back on track. Our customers only pay for the time that we spend on our visit, not an arbitrary flat fee.

Our 24-hour plumber is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Simply let us know if you need an emergency plumber in Surrey, UK.

Boiler Repair, Services, Installation in Surrey

Please speak to our company about registered Surrey gas and heating, as well as boiler repair and installation

Boiler Repair

When your plumbing and heating are not working, you’re in for a miserable time. Call our team fast, and we’ll be there quickly with our boiler repair services in Surrey.

Our team of plumbers has experience in working with all the major makes and models for servicing boiler repairs. We understand what makes plumbing appliances tick.

Boiler Services

Boilers are one of the hardest-working plumbing appliances in your home. They’ll work tirelessly in the background unnoticed. Until something goes wrong, you won’t even give your boiler a second thought.

Take care of this essential appliance by having our registered  plumbers provide an annual boiler service. The benefits of an annual service include:

  • Heads off potentially expensive repairs by catching them early
  • Reduces your monthly energy costs
  • Improves the lifespan of the appliance
  • Keeps your plumbing heating in top working order year-round

Services for boilers in Surrey also perform an essential safety function. The technician checks that all the valves are clear and that no potential safety issues are looming. This procedure is vital to prevent the pilot light from going out and to keep the boiler from starting a fire.

Boiler Replacement

There comes a time in every boiler’s life when even we can no longer make do and mend.

We may recommend that you install a new boiler when:

  • It becomes more cost-effective to replace than conduct repairs
  • Your current boiler is no longer gas-safe
  • There are far more efficient new models


At Waterworks Ltd, we don’t suggest getting a new boiler unless necessary. We want to spare you any unnecessary expense.

Our company provides full services in this area. We’ll remove the old boiler and related plumbing and dispose of it safely.

New Boiler Installation

Our professional Surrey boiler services contractors get the job done the first time. Please speak to our team at Waterworks Ltd about designing a gas-safe system for your home. We’ll incorporate the most efficient and discreet plumbing solutions to make it practical and inconspicuous.

We’ll then use our buying power to negotiate the best possible discount on your new boiler. Next, we wait until we receive all the heating and plumbing equipment on hand. This way, we’re able to inconvenience you as little as possible.

Power Flushing

We also offer a full power-flushing service to clean out all the plumbing and heating pipes in your system. The service removes built-up sludge before it creates blockages. Please call our team today for signs that your plumbing and heating system need a good clean-out.

Kitchen & Bathroom Plumbing Services in Surrey

Does your kitchen plumbing look like it comes from a different era? We’re also nostalgic about the past, but not when it comes to our kitchens and bathrooms. We prefer modern design lines and conveniences instead.

Call us about our complete kitchen and bathroom design services. We’ve partnered with a team of outstanding designers to help you create your dream kitchen, bathroom, or wetroom.

Our team discusses your options with you first. We take our time to make sure that we understand your vision fully. Our plumbing and heating teams check all the design ideas to ensure that they’re practical, too.

When we agree on the final design, we spring into action.

We start with high-quality plumbing and heating supplies from reputable suppliers. Our company bases its work on a firm foundation, and second-class supplies won’t fit.

We’ll then execute your vision with precision. Our team then works as quickly as possible without compromising quality. We don’t consider our work done until you agree.


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