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Stay warm this winter with one of the top central heating services in surrey.

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Central Heating In Surrey

Our professional Surrey heating services include:

We’ll send a licensed engineer to diagnose the issue quickly and discuss your options with you. Our technician will discuss your service options, focusing on the most cost-effective solutions.

Our engineers and heating specialists work quickly and thoroughly to ensure that we fix the problem correctly the first time.

Are your heating systems in Surrey as efficient as they could be?  Contact us for a maintenance check and find out when our team flushes the plumbing and services the boiler or central heating.

When it is time to upgrade or replace your existing system, speak to Water Works Ltd about your options. Our engineer will gauge the condition and efficiency of your current central heating. If it’s time to upgrade, we’ll help you secure the best pricing on an energy-efficient model alongside phenomenal customer service.

We work with top Surrey suppliers to ensure many years of trouble-free use from your boiler and central heating systems. Our skilled engineers are committed to providing our clients with the best quality service, a friendly smile, and sound advice.

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Types Of Central Heating

We specialise in Megaflo pressurised systems, conventional central heating, and combi systems.

Pressurised System: Mega Flo

A popular product around Surrey is the Megaflo pressurised system with an unvented cylinder. It is sometimes misspelt as “Mega Flow” or “Megaflow” tank systems.

It is the unvented cylinder that differentiates this central heating system from the traditional boiler services. These heating systems work by drawing water directly from the mains supply or boiler so that you don’t need a cold-water tank.

The network of pipes for the central heating is sealed, preventing evaporation as it heats. The pressure in the system also prevents air bubbles and allows the water to fill faster after you bleed the system.

The heat in the pressurised system comes from direct or indirect sources:


Direct units have an immersion heater that does the work. These models do not require a boiler system to operate and present an excellent option in smaller spaces, or when you need more flexibility for where you’ll place the tank. It’s a good option for those who have issues with pipes freezing in the Surrey winter.

The tank usually draws water directly from the main supply and heats it to the temperature on the thermostat. Clients often choose this heating installation to support an unreliable boiler as the heating controls are separate from those of the boiler.

Our heating services engineers will advise you on how best to manage the power consumption with this type of heating installation.


An indirect system draws water from a boiler and has limited heating capabilities. The tank contains a heating coil, but it serves to maintain the water temperature rather than raise it.

Conventional Central Heating

A conventional central heating system uses a traditional boiler and radiators. These boilers require a cylinder to store the heated water, a cold-water tank, and radiator plumbing. You’ll need a large space for the tank and boiler installation.

Conventional heating installation is becoming less popular as homes become smaller. Boiler services for these systems are also more complicated, requiring separate systems for tap water and heating services.

The heat exchanger warms the water in the cold-water tank, and a pump transfers it to the hot-water tank. The hot water then feeds into the radiators, keeping your home warm.

The difference between conventional and pressurised systems is that traditional units vent the steam. A standard boiler has an expansion vessel built into it, and the expansion vessel vents the steam to prevent dangerous levels of pressure.

These types of systems are ideal for large households where you need a lot of hot water at once. It may also be a wiser option for older homes with ageing plumbing. The in-built system to relieve pressure in the boiler ensure that water moves through the pipes with less force.

You’ll wait slightly longer for the system to fill after bleeding the radiators, but it’s easier than replacing all the central heating plumbing. The traditional boiler central heating systems are reliable, but not as energy-efficient as comparable unvented units. Boiler servicing and boiler repairs are equally accessible with both systems.

Contact us today and schedule our boiler service to keep your Surrey heating in perfect working order.

Combi Systems

Combi boilers are a highly efficient way to heat your Surrey home and provide warm water. A combi boiler is the most compact Surrey heating system available, and it provides the work for central heating and warm water for the taps from just one unit.

The unit draws water directly from the mains, making it unnecessary to include an extra cold-water tank. It works well in smaller homes and using a mains water supply solves water pressure issues present in older plumbing systems.

When considering a new boiler or central heating installation, ask our engineers if a combi boiler might be the correct option for your home.

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Has your Surrey heating system left your home feeling like a disappointing winter wonderland? Water Works Ltd in Surrey will assist with new heating installation, heating repairs, new boiler installations, boiler repairs, and general heating services.

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